Interior design

You can order a consultation with a designer, or a general planning idea. This is a good start if you want to see a potential in a room, but would like to implement it yourself. You can also order a full set of design schematics. This gives you more benefits of a professional designer. But the best option is, of course, a full project with author supervision. This costs the most, because the designer will help you choose materials, appliances, furniture. We will show you cost estimates, which in many cases will include significant discounts that our studio has access to. You will only need to pay as much attention to the matter as you’d like.

Finishing work and repairs

We can perform finishing work and repairs, regardless of whether the project has been created by our designers. We will prepare all cost estimates and do all the work, with no unexpected cost ballooning. If the project is made by our designer, you'll get an extra discount, and the works will proceed especially smoothly.

Furniture design and manufacturing

We can design and manufacture most of your furniture ideas. When the implementation is cost-prohibitive or straight up impossible... we’ll come up with a way to implement your idea anyway.